Brooklyn’s New York Pizza

New York, New York…to Manila

Brooklyn, New York; home of the world famous thin crust pizza, characterized by its soft, foldable yet crunchy crust, established well over a century ago by two Italian immigrants in, yes you guessed it, Brooklyn.  Since then it has become a New York favourite, expanding to all corners of the United States and the world.

“Brooklyn’s New York Pizza in Manila, is bringing the flavour of New York style pizza to the Philippines…”

What makes it so special?  Well, it’s many things, including, in no small measure, tradition, ingredients and a love for the crunchy round pie with tomato sauce and cheese.  Some restaurants outside of New York have even gone as far as using only New York water, transporting it across the country, for the sake of authenticity.  It is said that the minerals in the water contribute to the characteristic flavour and texture of this famous pizza.  Hmmm…New York water, who knew?

So what?  Well, because Brooklyn’s New York Pizza in Manila, is bringing the flavour of New York style pizza to the Philippines (minus the New York water of course).  With 7 branches, including Tomas Morato in Quezon City, Brooklyn’s is a growing chain with lots of potential.  During my last visit there was a bloggers’ event at the Tomas Morato branch featuring some of its dishes.

La Filipizza

The menu features a good selection of pizzas and pastas, breakfast and brunch fare as well as a few appetizers and desserts.

But is it true New York style pizza?  It is as good as you’re going to get locally, especially the large 18” Brooklyn size pizza which comes closest to that New York pizza feel.  Although, every time I order I ask that they bake my pizza for 2-3 minutes longer.  The reason?  Their cooking time could be about 2-3 minutes longer for the crust to become a little crunchier and the cheese slightly more golden brown.

The result?  The crust is crunchy yet supple and the cheese ooey gooey stretchable.  My favourite is still the classic peperoni; I know, I’m an old sentimentalist with a love for an unbeatable classic.  However, since there are 14 different pizzas you can choose from, you decide which one is your favourite.

So what else they gots?  Well, you have some classic local Filipino fare to choose from, like 3 types of Longganisa, Tapa Rice and the Corned beef.  If you’re in the mood for eggs, there are also a variety of omelets, which are quite tasty, to satisfy your palate.

What pizza place would be complete without the signature pasta dishes? Well, Brooklyn’s quite decently delivers 11 different pasta dishes.  I’ve tried maybe half of them (if you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know that I am a colossal pasta snob and hold any restaurant serving pasta to the highest of standards) and was not disappointed.

Rice Tinapa with Chicken and Egg

The pasta is fresh, the sauces in the saucy pastas are generous and consistent and the ingredients are fresh.  Unfortunately, however, there is no variety of noodles and all dishes are with spaghetti style noodles.  I would have liked to see different pastas for some of the dishes, perhaps some linguini, penne and maybe some pappardelle for the thicker sauces.

Overall the portions are generous and you won’t be disappointed with the flavour.  With so many dishes to choose from you’ll be wanting to try each one.

“…La Filippizza, try it, a fusion of the Philippines and Italy in every bite, mmm molto sarap…”

Anything Sweet?  This was another minor quibble for me, there isn’t really that much in the way of desserts.  Brooklyn’s offers an ice cream cup and a soda float.  I would like to see a more rounded menu with a few more dessert choices so that I won’t have to go somewhere else to satisfy my sweets cravings.  Having said that, I hear management is concocting some delicious treats soon to hit the menu.  For now, if you’re a minimalist and enjoy just that little hint of sweetness after your meal try the ice cream cup, it’s quite good.

Pesto By the Bay

Yous done already?  Almost…so, if you’re looking for a bite with friends, needing to satisfy that pizza or pasta craving and you’re thinking, “hmmmm, where can I get some good New York Style pizza?” definitely hit up Brooklyn’s.  With a variety of local, Italian and Phil-Italian dishes (like La Filippizza, try it, a fusion of the Philippines and Italy in every bite, mmm molto sarap) there’s something to satisfy everyone’s tummy.

Overall Rating:  4 out of 5

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